What We Do

Commercial Opening Specialist

IOS is an ambitious, proven partner for your door and hardware, glass and glazing and access control needs.  All under one roof to provide seamless installation and minimal problems.  We are tireless and relentless, transparent and adaptive.  We deliver innovative opening solutions that advance the industry.


Specification and Design

IOS partners with architects and owners to realize the overall project design, with a focus on Division 8 Requirements.  Our core value with specifications is to provide three (3) equal manufacturer options for the architectural hardware section of 087100 in order to provide the best products at the best available prices.

Budgeting and Estimating

IOS’s team reviews project documents to offer the best solutions for your project’s budget from our wide spectrum of products from numerous manufacturers. Our estimating department has experience with many different sized projects ranging from small offices, tenant fit outs, and fitness projects to multimillion-dollar schools, hospitals, and multi-family living facilities.

Detailing Process

IOS’s Detailing Department uses some of the most advanced software in the industry to review the estimate and confirm each product meets specifications to prevent mistakes from happening before ordering.


IOS’s Pre-Install Department is one more step in aiding our clients to a hassle-free and efficient project. The process includes the installation of the hinges, door closers, exit devices, locks, electrified hardware, and flat goods, preparing your door for simplicity in the field. This allows our team to catch manufacturing/product defects and correct them prior to delivery. Pre-install eliminates the need for a “hardware room” or storage space while preventing any possible on-site damage and allows delivery closer to your true installation of the opening.

Project Management

Our seasoned and highly trained project managers supervise the job from beginning to end, personally following up with each client, manufacturer, and our warehouse team to prepare each order for delivery.

Automatic Door Operators

IOS provides pricing and installation for all your automatic opening needs. Our installation team is AAADM (American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers) certified and continuously trained on safety regulations to make your automatic doors safe and convenient. We have 24/7 service available, and our trademark vans/trucks are always fully loaded with the tools and parts we need to make same day repairs.

Glass & Glazing

IOS/UGA is a commercial glass & glazing contractor specializing in exterior and interior glass and glazing solutions for both new construction and large renovation projects. We have installed interior and exterior glass on buildings throughout the Tri-State area during our 10 year history, ranging from basic window applications to the most challenging curtain wall systems. We have long standing relationships with leading industry suppliers and a proven track record to ensure a successful outcome in the Greater Cincinnati market.

Access Control

IOS offers a variety of access control systems and services for Greater Cincinnati area businesses, including proximity cards, fobs, and keypads. Our system technicians provide solutions for organizations with many doors and employees seeking a hard-wired system (card reader on the wall) as well as smaller operations with data on card options (battery operated card reader lock). When dealing with access control, IOS strives for securing your facility and assisting in securing unique applications.

Video Surveillance

IOS can enhance your access control needs with video surveillance.  Now you can see who and when someone is on your premises.  Commercial surveillance ensures safety in a commercial workspace while at the same time protecting assets.