Building the Future with the Owner

Owner Rep 

At IOS, we believe the entity who creates the vision should have a trusted partnership with the doors & hardware experts who provide the necessary dedication and information to achieve that vision. Our Owner Reps provide consultation in the design phase of your project to gain a full understanding of the project scope. IOS remains committed to the owner throughout the life of the opening by keeping you informed of new and updated products, education for your staff, and making you aware of trends within the industry. 

QR Coding

An up-and-coming innovative concept to the door hardware industry. The QR code helps track a door from design to installation by utilizing a unique code on each door. We provide the owner and their maintenance staff the ability to see the door’s hardware, fire door rating, and all warranty information – all in one convenient location. This gives the peace of mind and simplicity needed to order the right part, with the right finish when the time comes to replace or expand your buildings vision.

Access Control and Video Surveillance

Commercial Surveillance ensures safety in a commercial workplace, while at the same time protecting your assets. This is achieved by using state-of-the-art commercial security cameras. By utilizing access control solutions, you will have complete control over who has access to your facility and when. Allow our specialists to design a system around your budget that will exceed your expectations and provide peace of mind with your buildings security.