Our History

A Brief History

Mark Teremi grew up in the locksmith business. Working for Mark Teremi, Sr., his father and owner of Bonded Lock Services (BLS), Mark gained invaluable experience in the business as well as a unique perspective on what his customers needed. After graduating from Northern Kentucky University in 2004, Mark found himself envisioning how he could make his customers’ lives easier by vertically integrating the commercial locksmith division.

In 2005, Mark’s vision became a reality when he founded Erlanger Hardware Consultants (EHC). With an initial workforce of under five total employees out of a small, 2,000 square foot warehouse in Florence, Kentucky, EHC would create a partnership with BLS to better meet their customers’ needs for years to come. EHC would supply doors, frames, and hardware during new construction for commercial projects, while BLS would service the end-user for the duration once the project was completed.

The first five years would prove to be a time of major growth for the company and would see EHC become a key player in the industry. By 2008, inventory, the number of projects, and the overall number of employees had increased so much that EHC relocated to a larger, 10,000 square foot facility in Sharonville, Ohio. 2009 brought additional changes. Based on a client’s suggestion to find a way to decrease the disconnect between the door/hardware supplier, the glass/glazing subcontractor, and the general contractor, an additional division for glass, glazing, and storefronts was created. In addition, a full installation division was started to service some of our clients’ need for turnkey service on their projects. This was also the year we were honored to be selected as the supplier for Phase 1 of the famous Banks project in Cincinnati, Ohio, which would prove to be the first of many future multi-family projects. In 2010, EHC found itself needing additional space due to additional employee growth in project management and warehouse personnel and another increase in inventory, so the company relocated once again, this time to a 40,000 square foot facility in Norwood, Ohio.

Since 2010, EHC has only continued to grow in order to meet our clients’ needs. In 2011, a sales office was opened in Erlanger, Kentucky, doubling our sales force employees by 2013. In addition, in order to provide better service to our architect and end-user clients, a specification division was created that same year. In 2016, our sales team, the only part of the company that had been working from a remote location up to that point, was moved to our Norwood, Ohio, location to join the rest of the company, making it more convenient for our clients. Finally, in 2019, the glass and glazing division has been rebranded as United Glass and Automatics, eliminating any confusion from our other divisions, EHC and Bonded Lock Service.

Erlanger Hardware Consultants EHC Founded

January 1, 2005

EHC relocated to Sharonville, Ohio

January 1, 2008

Glass/Glazing Division Started

July 1, 2009

Move to Norwood, OH

April 1, 2010

Sales Office Opened in Erlanger, KY

April 1, 2011

Sales team move to Norwood, OH

July 1, 2016

Glass and Glazing rebranded as United Glass and Automatics

January 1, 2019

IOS Incorporates All Brands

January 1, 2021