Building the Future with the General Contractors

General Contractor Rep

At IOS we believe it’s our job to help you build the building, not just be a supplier. Division 8 can be a coordination issue between doors/hardware, glass/glazing, access control, and etc. The General Contractors we work with love that we take ownership of our openings through the submittal process, pre-installation of door hardware, and delivery. Our General Contractor Rep emphasizes focus on each phase of the project from conception to completion.

We Help You Build the Building

We believe it’s our job to help you build the building.  As a multidivisional company we handle any problems with the job internally.  Our industry experts come up with the best solutions to any issues that might arise on the job and are able to catch potential issues before the install ever happens.  By having such a well-equipped team, there is never finger pointing only solutions to fully satisfy your buildings complete design.