Building the Future with the End Users

End User Rep 

The End User Rep provides peace of mind to the Owner, ensuring their building will be built with end user’s as a priority. IOS is a trusted partner that offers all things necessary for your project. From access control to pre-install, we are a source for all things that revolve around a door opening. We cover it all with our industry experts with over 100 years of experience & and our commitment to the Owner.

How We Help

The End User Rep stays committed to the building’s owner and maintenance staff for the duration of the opening’s life. Our industry experts stay up to date with current trends and will look for ways to improve or expand on current hardware solutions. Along with ensuring satisfaction from end users that are utilizing the buildings key features and providing support with any additional issues targeted around the end users.

QR Coding

An up-and-coming innovative concept to the door hardware industry. The QR code helps track a door from design to installation by utilizing a unique code on each door. We provide the owner and their maintenance staff the ability to see the door’s hardware, fire door rating, and all warranty information – all in one convenient location. This gives the peace of mind and simplicity needed to order the right part, with the right finish when the time comes to replace or expand your buildings vision.

Cores and Keys

Today’s facilities require flexible options when it comes to security. Thanks to recent technological changes in the security industry, modern commercial buildings have a variety of choices of how access to each opening is controlled. Mechanical key cylinders continue to provide strong traditional security, but many facilities favor a  combination of mechanical and electronic security products for convenient access with an audit trail. 

We offers a range of cylinder options, including conventional, interchangeable core, security, and high security.  Providing an array of cylinders, keys and keying systems that meet the needs of any facility.