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Some may know us as Erlanger Hardware Consultants, but that is no more. In 2005 when Mark founded EHC, he envisioned EHC as a sole entity that encompassed multiple divisions and brands. 15 years later, that vision became a reality. We are proud to present our new identity as Innovative Opening Solutions. From here on forward we will be known as IOS, however, EHC and UGA will not be going away, they will become divisions of Innovative Opening Solutions. The reason for this switch is we wanted to present ourselves as one company united to fulfill all the needs across all project stakeholders. We can now provide seamless support to stakeholders with our integrated operating system.

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Who We Are

Our Integrated Operating System ensures seamless support across every project stage:  Owners, Architects, General Contractors and End Users.

IOS is an ambitious, proven partner for your door and hardware, glass and glazing and access control needs.  All under one roof to provide seamless installation and minimal problems.  We are tireless and relentless, transparent and adaptive.  We deliver innovative opening solutions that advance the industry.

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